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Custom fit golf clubs

How to order

Custom fit golf clubs

1. Choose your club

Start your custom fit golf club assembly by selecting the golf club head you desire with the relevant dexterity.

Custom fit golf clubs

2. Choose your shaft

Step two involes selecting the shaft you would like to fit to your club head, we have a wide range of colours, flexes and brands.

Custom fit golf clubs

3. Grip size and brand

Add a grip to your club, start by selecting the brand you would like follow by the required size. Unsure of size?

Custom fit golf clubs

4. Club length

Next you select the length of the club, a true custom fit feature. If you are unsure of the required length use our custom fit wizard.

Custom fit golf clubs

5. Ferrule

Add the final touch to your custom fit golf club by selecting the colour of the ferrule you would like, a nice finishing touch.

Custom fit golf clubs

6. Fore!

Job done. After checking out your order will be passed to our team for assembly.

See how they are assembled...

Nestled in the heart of Devon, England our custom fit workshop houses some of the latest golf assembly equipment and machinery. Our team of assembly professionals have years of experience within the golf trade, this ensures you get a true custom fit. Say goodbye to buying ‘off the shelf’ clubs or expensive sets, here at Golf Components Direct we offer a wide range of affordable golf clubs that can be purchased individually.

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